“Let me remind all women that we live longer and better lives when we have sisters we love, not necessarily born in our bloodline or of our race. Sisters.” -Maya Angelou

Louise Meriwether met Maya Angelou in 1970 in Harlem. Louise Meriwether had just published her first novel, Daddy Was a Number Runner. Maya Angelou and Rosa Guy, one of the Harlem Writers Guild Founders, invited Louise Meriwether to attend her first meeting at the Guild, where their friendship began. They were active in the writer’s community and benefited from offering and receiving constructive criticism to become even stronger writers.

They met as young writers and activists, and their friendship would evolve over the following decades. They worked hard, made time to support one another’s endeavors, and shared plenty of laughter and good times. Louise Meriwether reflected on her friendship with Maya Angelou, saying, “We partied. All over. Wherever we were, we partied. …Then, of course, we got our work done. We believed in enjoying ourselves and enjoying each other.”

On October 10th, 2023, Louise Meriwether made her transition at the age of 100. We honor her life, legacy, and the sisterhood she and Dr. Angelou shared. Louise Meriwether’s presence will be deeply missed but never forgotten.